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Harrods: The world of luxury

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Today I went to Harrods with two mexican friends. It’s not my first time and I can say that I am still impressed. Harrods is not a common department store… it’s an unbelievable shopping experience! The world’s most famous luxury department store founded by Charly Henry Harrods in 1849 but recently bought by the Qatari royal family in  £1.5 billion. Its awesome architecture design, windows displays and decoration in general make Harrods unique. It’s considered a touristic place […]

Starting with my own fashion style

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Amazing photo shoot in Tower Hill for my blog. Many thanks to my Friend Goolbo who was the photographer,  it was difficult to get the best pose. After the cold winter in London I was really desesperated to wear again summer clothes that I was used to wear in Mexico. I chose a white dress because I wanted to transmit the peace that I enjoying in this time of my life… My favourite shoes that […]