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Por que es un orgullo ser mexicana, aqui todo lo relacionado con el estilo mexicano.

Ponchos… conquering londoners!

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Ponchos, conquering Londoners! Ponchos- A traditional garment from latin american countries full of history and full of style! called in a different way in every country with a different design and fabric depending on the culture. Unfortunately summer is over! But this season many Luxury and high street brands are taking advantage of the latin culture… Brands like Burberry, Vince Camuto, Etro, Topshop, Alice & Olivia has included Ponchos in their autumn/fall 2014 collection. With […]

Playa del Carmen, a bit of Maya fashion!

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Long holidays in my country, Mexicooo!! After one year finally I came back for a month only… I wish you a happy and successful 2014! Sorry for the delay on writing but my master’s assessments, the luggage, christmas shopping and so on, drove me crazy! Now I’m enjoying my family specially my nephew! 🙂 I spent New year with my parents in Playa del Carmen, my favourite place in Mexico… Even though the weather wasn’t perfect […]

Pineda Covalin: The Mexican spirit embodied in luxury bags

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Mexico lindo y querido...

Seventeen years sharing the mexican culture with the world. Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalin founded this luxury brand in 1996. All the designs are based on historical themes, mexican traditions and painters. All the items are made of high quality materials. Besides promoting the art and mexican heritage Pineda Covalin also helps the UN Woman to fight against the violence and equality for all women and girls. The prices are around £100 to £400 for bags and […]

El grito 2013!

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Mexico lindo y querido...

Let’s party for mexican’s independece day on Sunday 15th september at the Radisson Blu Portman. One of the biggest parties of the year in Mexico and I’m sure it will be the same here.  I can’t wait to eat my lovely mexican food and dance with mariachi! around the mexican community in London.The celebration will take place from at 7.00 pm to 11:00 pm. The ticket includes food, drinks, music and the traditional “Grito de Independencia”., […]