The Pradamark effect!

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Pradamark: The mix and match designers items and cheap essentials!

Sometimes we see people on the street with outfits that look like thousand pounds! Do they really wear expensive brands in everything they have on? Not really!! The Pradamark effect is new tendency since fast fashion took up part of our wardrobes. Mixing the basics (such as a black skirt, top or leggings that are easy to match with everything) with  some nice shoes or bag, just one designer garment is needed to enhance your outfit.

Why the name of prada – mark? It comes from the mix of Prada that represents the expensive side and primark the cheap. Now that you know the secret, go and buy the essentials like my black short only for £10 or less! and just invest in things worth buying 😉

ImagePrimark Black shorts/ River island pink top/ French connection jacket / Black shoes kurt Geiger / Carolina Herrera bag







Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 15.47.12

Primark Black short/skirt £10 


Primark Black & white skirt £8


Primark Check tailored shorts £10

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 18.12.15Carolina Herrera bags

Alex curran is also a big fan of the Pradamark effect!

alex primark


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