Playa del Carmen, a bit of Maya fashion!

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Long holidays in my country, Mexicooo!! After one year finally I came back for a
month only… I wish you a happy and successful 2014! Sorry for the delay
on writing but my master’s assessments, the luggage, christmas shopping and so on,
drove me crazy! Now I’m enjoying my family specially my nephew! 🙂 I spent New year
with my parents in Playa del Carmen, my favourite place in Mexico… Even though the
weather wasn’t perfect I could get a nice tan! I would describe Playa as a “magic town”
a mix of mexican and european style. Food, night life, nice beaches and of course nice boutiques!!! !
Walking around the main avenue, that is called the 5th avenue,  I found some nice
boutiques that I want to share with you, the pictures below are from the “Textiles
Mayas Chipas” that is located just in the main avenue. Amazing for its items but also
but the environment…
They have a big picture of the “Virgin of Guadalupe” inside the store that makes you
feel more the mexican style! All the products are made by mayan people living in Chiapas,
located in the south east of Mexico. Hope you like the combination I made with my Zara
dress I bought months ago in London, I always wear it with tights but this time was perfect
for the beach. Don’t miss the next post! it will be about a sustainable and innovative
mexican boutique. See you in a while!!! =P
mayas9 mayas8
leafs dress
                     Zara dress  /  Aldo bracelet / Calvin Klein shoes
Playa del carmen outfit!

Yumi moth dress
$52 –

Michael Kors tote bag

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