Peach dress, for Day & Night!

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For Day & Night prom dress!
Very happy to celebrate one of my friend’s birthday this weekend. I really wanted
something special to wear, I went to the top shop sales… look what I found! very
different from my style but how can I know if it looks great on me if I don’t try it!
This short prom dress with a low neck makes your waist look smaller, and your
bum a bit bigger haha . Moreover, It’s a very easy colour to mix it, take advantage
and wear it in the club or in a nice morning event. Wear black or natural colour
tights if the weather is as cold as London now. I hope you like it 😉

Day Outfit

Top shop dress/ Notting Hill boutique shoes/ Dorothy Perkins Necklace / Estee lauder purse (a gift).

Night Outfit
Zara jacket / swarovski necklace / Vince Camuto shoes (Jessica simpson) / Coach bag
Get a similar dress!
erHappy halloween!

Victoria Beckham dress
$2,280 –

Miss Selfridge dress

Black purse

Wood clock

Owl home accessory


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