After sun… How can I help my facial skin? Consiéntela en 5 pasos!

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After you’ve enjoyed those amazing holidays under the sun, now you can show off your tan but please don’t forget to help your skin and give it a complete hydratation, you can be sure your skin will thank you!

Dale a tu piel la hidratación que necesita después de esas tan merecidas vacaciones en la playa, consientela en solo 5 pasos!


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Estee Lauder is my favourite brand, specially beacuse I can see fast results…. One of my favourite masks is the “Hydra Complete” it really works! It will take only ten minutes of your time but the results will last for at least one week. The price is £30.00 and you can apply it only once a week! It doesn’t matter if you apply it in the morning or before you going to sleep, your face has to be clean before the aplication. Here are the steps you need to follow to apply the mask. Let me know if it doesn’t work, maybe you did something wrong because I am more than 100% that you will be satisfied!


Step 1. Wash your face with foam cleanser (I strongly recommend to exfoliate your face instead of wash it).


Step 2. Apply the Fresh Balancing Lotion

hydra complete

Step 3. Apply the mask, leave it for ten minutes


Step 4. Remove the mask with a wet towel.


Step 5. Apply the Estee Lauder Day wear cream

Ready to apply your make-up!!!

Cuéntame tu experiencia, funciono o no?

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