Zara still on sale! I could rescue 4 items for only £50!!

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Yesterday while I was waiting for my friend Goolbo to have dinner I was walking around Saatchi gallery at king’s road and I found a secret Zara that I haven’t been before… I could realize that it’s one of the most luxuries Zara’s in London. I went downstairs and I was very surprised to still find some items on sale! Of course I was thinking of my next holidays and I got crazy and I bought 5 garments for only £50! Can you believe???? See the details of these wonderful discounts, later on I will give you some advises of how to wear it! Go for them now, there are still sizes!

zara1 White blouse with a necklace originally 39.99 now 12.99

zara2black & white short originally £22.99 now £12.99


zebra trousers £35.99 now £12.99


long dress, many colors £29.99 now

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